The Patients to Find the Cure®

It’s more than just our tagline. Putting the patient first was one of our founding principles, and it remains at the core of everything we do. Today, our products and services continue to reflect this promise through our commitment to the patient experience.


about bbk worldwide

about bbk worldwide

We recognize that the most effective, motivating, and supportive participant engagement solutions are designed in partnership with health providers and always consider the needs of the patient. Our products and services inspire the whole study community and, most importantly, alleviate site administrative burden, enabling doctors and nurses to spend more time with patients.

With a commitment to innovate, we continue to push the industry with the development of game-changing tools and technologies – building solutions from the ground up. Our patient recruitment management system TrialCentralNet® has been a gold standard in the industry for over 23 years, and our mobile app platforms for patients and sites continue to redefine study communications.

BBK Principals

Portait of Joan Bachenheimer next to a window

Joan F. Bachenheimer

Founding Principal, Chief Executive Officer

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Bonnie A. Brescia

Founding Principal, Corporate Development Officer

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Matt Kibby

Principal, President and Chief Strategy Officer

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Rob Laurens

Principal, Chief Patient Officer

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André Briola

Principal, VP Business Development

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Liz Ritchie

Principal, Sr. VP Corporate Services

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Steven Fleishman

Principal, Sr. VP IT and Production Services

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David Fleishman

Principal, Chief Operations Officer

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BBK is made up of four separate business units that fall under the umbrella of BBK Holdings.

These include a creative advertising agency (Agency320), a high-end consulting firm (BBK Worldwide), a technology company (TCN® Technologies), and a concierge-supported engagement services company (RSG Suite Corporation).

Our global reach is supported by offices in Japan and the BBK Global Alliance, with member partners strategically located around the world. Enhancing our resources is our BIO Notifier® advisory board, made up of physicians and medical experts from various therapeutic areas.

BBK Worldwide is now part of the Publicis Health network.

More than three decades servicing our clients.

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