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Mobile App
Development Solution

A powerful app building platform that allows you to design and develop a completely custom mobile experience

  • Dedicated App Building Team

    Helps you configure and customize your mobile app by tapping into our extensive library of functionalities and features.

  • Native iOS and AndroidTM Frameworks

    Enjoy more reliable performance plus full integration with native mobile device features like GPS, phone, and calendars, as well as Apple® ResearchKit.

  • Complete Lifecycle Support

    Quickly design, build, deploy, and manage your mobile app through one central location – saving you time and money.

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Why a mobile application development solution?

mHealth has led to seismic shifts in the way we collect, view, and share data. Driven by consumers who are becoming more active participants in their own health and well-being, the adoption of new mobile technologies continues to spread to all corners of the healthcare arena. Delivering these technologies to the people who need them most – patients and sites – has been met with high cost, long development timelines, and technical complexity.

Our mobile app development platform allows you to quickly and affordably develop and deploy your company's mobile app solution for both iOS and Android phones and tablets, without the costly overhead. Our expert UX/UI consultants walk you through the entire configuration process – from idea to development to launch – ensuring your app delivers a rich mobile experience and sustainable engagement.

Why do you need a mobile app development platform

Accelerate the Development of Your Mobile App

The process is simple. Just select from our menu of pre-built features and our team will customize the functionality to meet your specific needs. Each app is powered by our secure SQL server database – allowing for easy content management, real-time updates, push notifications and analytics throughout the entire program. And all of this comes standard.

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To learn more about our mobile app development solution or to discuss a specific project, please contact us.

One platform. Unlimited possibilities.

Explore our extensive library of prebuilt functionality and features designed to streamline the development process and enhance your mobile app experience. Customize and configure it any way you like based on the goals of the study and the needs of the study community.

  • Prescreening Tools

    Customize based on your eligibility criteria

  • Interactive Polling

    Gather real-time information on specific topics

  • Streaming Video

    Connect face-to-face with study team members

  • Document Libraries

    A central location for all study resources

  • Contact Directory

    Complete with integrated maps, email, and phone

  • Study Calendars

    Track all upcoming study visits, dates and times

  • Gamification

    Add an enhanced level of patient engagement

  • Checklists

    Keep track of study progress and activities

  • Multilingual Support

    Easily translated for global research initiatives

Looking for a Prebuilt Mobile App Solution?

Want to be out in the field faster? Built using our mobile development platform, we've done the customizations for you. Our proven, off-the-shelf solutions ensure your apps are live in just a few weeks, ready to meet your study's needs, and all at a fraction of the cost.