BBK Webinar Series
Be Patient, Be Bold: The Secrets of Developing Effective Creative for Clinical Trials

This free webinar will reveal the science behind developing highly engaging creative campaigns that grab the attention of today’s savvy health care consumers. Complete with insights from patients, clinical research professionals, and regulatory agencies, this presentation will show attendees how to view clinical trial advertising through the eyes of patients – allowing attendees to better analyze, evaluate, and enhance their creative approach for future recruitment and engagement efforts.

Featured Speakers

Matthew Kibby, President, BBK Worldwide
Justin Jones, Creative Director, BBK Worldwide


Drug Information Association (DIA) Annual Meeting

At this year’s annual meeting of the Drug Information Association (DIA), there will be many opportunities to meet and engage with BBK. Not only will we be exhibiting at booth 2012, but we will be hosting the DIA Innovation Theater and participating in a session on rare disease clinical research (see below).

If you would like to meet one-on-one while at the DIA, please contact us.

DIA Innovation Theater: Building a Patient-Centric Mindset through Theatrical Contemplation

Join us for a dynamic discussion about the arts and the role creative thinking can play in creating empathy for people suffering from a range of medical conditions. Actor, screenwriter, and director Ron Fassler, who has made his career in the arts while also raising a son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), will share his theatrical and personal perspectives into theatrical arts that deal with social anxiety and ASD.

Mr. Fassler will be interviewed by Maria Scaros-Mercado, the executive director of The Greens at Greenwich, an assisted living facility for those living with dementia, and a respected drama therapist and chairperson for an important theatrical initiative for Alzheimer's patients.

While it is not necessary, you can reserve a seat in advance. Just contact us.

Session #321: Engagement, Education, Networks, Media, and Societies in Rare Diseases: The MUST Haves

Founding Principal Bonnie A. Brescia will share her expertise in a session on communication pathways and their impact on rare disease clinical research. Ms. Brescia will speak to leveraging referring physician networks for patient enrollment and engagement success. She will share compelling insights from BBK’s recent physician survey and will discuss the impact of several key findings, including that 94 percent of physicians polled said they would be willing to refer patients to a clinical study in which they were not the investigator.

Ms. Brescia will offer a candid look at what’s needed to streamline recruitment and the effect the relationships between principal investigators and referring physicians have on related processes. In this session, Ms. Brescia will be joined by Scott Schliebner (PRA Health Sciences), Kelly Franchetti (Mapi), and Dan Tierno (Bayer).

If you are not able to attend this session but are interested in learning more about the topic, or speaking with Ms. Brescia, please contact us. You can also download our “Focus 5: Rare Disease Research” eBook.