RSG® Arrive
Travel Program

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Clinical Trials

Driven by the Protocol. Unmatched in the industry, BBK Worldwide® enhances access to care, removes barriers to participation, and fosters long-term engagement with the RSG® Arrive travel program. Developed specifically for clinical research, RSG® Arrive is a concierge service that manages all patient travel – from simple ground transportation to complex international travel. At its core, RSG® Arrive features a commitment to care that transforms the patient experience while accelerating enrollment success.

Enhanced with Precision Support, a model based on matching support to the science of the protocol, RSG® Arrive continues to break new ground. It is the only travel program supplemented by levels of customized support that address the unique needs of each study patient population – replacing the all-too-common one-size-fits-all approach. Precision Support is aligned with the needs of a shifting clinical trial landscape brought on by scientific innovation and targeted treatment approaches.

RSG® Arrive works in tandem with RSG®Card, offering patients an important support option.

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RSG® Arrive Delivers!

The Numbers Prove It!


RSG® Arrive reduces withdrawal rates by up to 70%.


Study staff reports a 98% satisfaction rate with RSG® Arrive.


Study sites using RSG® Arrive have a withdrawal rate 58% lower than study sites not using RSG® Arrive.

RSG® Arrive Driver of the Month

This month we recognize Andrew, a driver who exemplifies the qualities that set
RSG® Arrive apart – dedication, commitment to care, and professionalism.


All you need is a brief conversation with Andrew to understand why he’s our RSG® Arrive Driver of the Month. A native of the Philadelphia area, he has been an RSG® Arrive driver for over two years. His assignments include taking patients with progressive neurodegenerative diseases to and from their study appointments, at times traveling two hours each way. He recognizes the challenges that some of the patients face and always tries to find opportunities to lighten their day with a smile or light conversation. “I try to take their mind off where they are traveling and why – even if it’s for a brief moment.”

Andrew derives great satisfaction from assisting those in need. “It’s nice to be involved in helping someone who needs help.” And as an RSG® Arrive driver, he knows he’s making a difference. “RSG® Arrive simplifies the process for patients. It takes them into a different mindset because they don’t have to worry about driving or getting a ride – they are just so happy someone is taking them. I’ve never seen anything but smiles.”

When not working, Andrew likes to play tennis and spend time at the seashore in the summer and at the Poconos in the winter. He is very proud of his son, who recently got engaged, and enjoys taking his 90-year old mother out to dinner, often twice a week.

Past RSG®Arrive Drivers of the Month

Convenience Unmatched!
Keeping Patients Informed Every Step of the Way.

With the RSG® Arrive mobile, patients and study site staff have real-time access to itineraries, travel requests, driver status, and much more!

Arrive Mobile

RSG® Arrive – In a Class by Itself

Range of Services

Supports simple to complex patient travel needs –ranging from ground transportation and hotel bookings to visa procurement and medical transport – as well as investigator and site study staff travel. All at competitive pricing.

Extensive Experience

Over 35 years of patient recruitment expertise channeled into how we approach patient travel.

Consultative Approach

Clients receive personalized strategic recommendations based on their needs and our extensive knowledge of regulatory guidelines, GDPR, and international travel policy.

Patient Centric

Each itinerary is tailored to the individual; each point of contact is personalized to strengthen relationships and enhance engagement.

Innovative Solutions

Built on a foundation of excellence and cutting-edge technology; unburdens study site staff so they can focus on patient care.

Commitment to Care

Patients arrive at appointments hassle- and stress-free so they can concentrate on what really matters to them, their health and well-being.

Precision Support
Personalized to Patient Needs

Precision Support flips the script on the conventional, one-size-fits-all approach to supporting patients throughout their clinical trial journey. It’s an innovative model that meets the needs of today’s sponsors who are embracing personalized approaches to treatment. It takes into account individual differences in medical status, lifestyles, cultural norms, and geographic locations.

Precision Support provides sponsors with the resources they need to align support to their individual protocols and to the needs of individual participants. Services respond to needs identified at the site level. They are based on an assessment conducted by the study doctor and site study staff of the study participant’s individual needs, and then they are implemented following sponsor approval.

RSG ®Arrive in Action

What sites have to say about the RSG® Arrive

(feedback gathered from: BBK’s Site Voice survey)

BBK does a great job arranging travel for me, and it saves me a huge amount of time.

Site Coordinator, United States

Helps us to satisfy patient needs.

Site Coordinator, italy

Very simple to use, and BBK is very fast to respond...No expenses out of pocket for patients.

Site Coordinator, Canada


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