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Driven by a commitment to care, we create tools that offer the highest level of engagement and ease study burden. Our digital engagement solutions provide study participants with flexible and convenient ways to stay informed and engaged – all while creating a positive patient experience. Flexible and easy to use, they integrate easily into a patient’s life.

Start with our mobile app platform My Clinical Study Buddy® which offers the features and sophistication expected from today’s technology. Let us adapt it to meet the needs of your study. Or, let us create a custom solution, such as a gamification app to engage Alzheimer’s patients or a digital health solution to assist with remote health monitoring.

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My Clinical Study Buddy®

Our Award-Winning App Platform

My Clinical Study Buddy® empowers study participants with features that inform, engage, and help organize their study experience. Complete with a host of helpful tools such as appointment reminders, visit overviews, educational resources and videos, and site contact links, the app provides patients with the study-related support and information they need – wherever and whenever they need it.

Arrive Mobile

Ask us about a custom design. We can match the look and feel of the app to an existing study identity.

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Experience the Unlimited Potential of Our App Platform

Let us design, develop, and deploy your study app – all within a budget and timeline that meets your needs.

Tools to Enhance the Patient Experience

Mobile Apps

Provides patients and caregivers with the convenience of on-the-go access to key study tools and resources.

Desktop Portal

Provides patients and caregivers with home or work access to key study tools and resources.

SMS Communications

Keeps the study top-of-mind with the delivery of important reminders and notifications, including ones that encourage medication adherence.

Gamification Apps

Promotes long-term engagement with condition- and protocol- specific challenges that reward users with points, badges, and other forms of recognition.

Digital Health Solutions

Offers a personalized approach to disease management with actionable insights that can help inform faster interventions, provide more personal treatment regimens, and reduce overall costs.

RSG® Arrive and RSG® Card Integration

Eases study participation with real-time access to RSG® Arrive travel and RSG® Card reimbursement activity through the app platform and desktop portal.


The rise of multi-platform engagement is a result of how people choose to consume and interact with devices, which is based on a combination of personal preference and time of day.

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