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BBK Worldwide has a long-standing commitment to increasing access to care and to supporting a diverse and inclusive research environment. We help clinical trial sponsors engage diverse patient populations — ensuring better health interventions for all in need.

Our published surveys and patient interviews reflect the lengths we go to understand the needs of diverse patient populations.

Patient & physician interviews

Patient & physician interviews




Focus groups

Focus groups

We stress the importance of understanding each unique audience — what they care about, how they feel and what motivates them — and identify any barriers that may need to be overcome. 

Know Your Audience - DEI Barriers

Diverse Representation in Clinical Research: Building Bridges with the African American Community


New DEI webcast series

In our first episode, BBK strategist and patient advocate Michael Turner sits down with leaders from the Black community to discuss how to improve representation in clinical research. The group discusses issues of access, confidence and trust as well as steps the industry can take to address some of the disparities in clinical trial participation.

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Powering Diverse and Inclusive Clinical Trials

The FDA will soon require clinical trial sponsors to submit a plan for improving diversity among clinical trial participants. While enhancing DEI has been a topic of discussion in the industry for many years, sponsors will soon have an imperative to act.

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BBK’s DEI enrollment programs are part of the VISION suite of solutions that anticipates and manages changing clinical trial environments.

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